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Welcome to the Human Weapon Factory...

Decatur Boxing Club is my pride and joy, it's Atlanta's most authentic boxing gym.  Located minutes from Atlanta we provide tried and true boxing techniques in a soulful gym filled with amazing history, trainers, patrons, and more.  All of our trainers bring my old-school training techniques to center stage providing amazing workouts and training sessions geared to ensure you're in top fighting shape!

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My Story

Growing up in West Philadelphia, Xavier Biggs was enthralled with the rich boxing culture that surrounded him. He turned pro in the late 70’s and by the mid 80’s traded his professional career for a once in a lifetime opportunity to assist his younger brother Tyrell (three-time world amateur boxing champion) in his pursuit of Olympic Gold in the newly established Super Heavyweight division. That dream manifested at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

With the revered gold medal in hand, Tyrell advanced to the world of professional boxing, and Xavier stayed on in an advisory capacity as part of his professional team. In his travels to different training camps with Tyrell, there were many opportunities for Xavier to strengthen his boxing prowess, sparring with champions Pernell Whitaker, Meldrick Taylor, Mark Breland, Rocky Lockridge, and Johnny Bumphus, to name a few. He was also one of Kevin Howard’s chief sparring partners as Kevin prepared to fight Sugar Ray Leonard for Leonard’s first comeback fight.

Xavier, enriched by his newly amassed knowledge of the field moved his family (wife and son) to Atlanta in 1988 where he started a business devoted to training amateur boxers. His first two amateurs were undefeated 2-time golden glove champions, and he worked with Zavia Pounds and Cesar Esquivel, both 4-time golden glove champions. Following these successes, Xavier took on his first professional fighter, Raul Fernandez, who enjoyed a short reign as undefeated. 

By the late 90’s he and local businessman Mike Morrison opened BIGGS MORRISON BOXING, one of the biggest boxing gyms in the country. It quickly became training headquarters for some little to best known celebrities. It was there that he trained Paul Delgado, who soon turned pro. In addition, he trained Sam ‘Bam Bam’ Garr to world contender status, and took on Atlanta’s first premier female boxer ‘Isra Girgrah’. Xavier was instrumental in transforming her career, as she went on to win 5 world titles.

Other notables who frequented BIGGS MORRISON BOXING include Vernon Forrest, Robert Allen, Denzel Washington, P-Diddy, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Mase, and Sinbad. Later Xavier opened three (3) more gyms in the Atlanta area and operated one in Greensboro, N.C. The popularity of his training programs continued to attract more top amateurs and pros such as 1996 Olympic bronze medal champ Ziaire Raheem. Xavier did early pad work with Raheem as he prepared for his spectacular win over Eric Morales that segued into a brief undefeated reign for Raheem. Biggs also trained 2-time female champion and Guinness world record holder, Terri ‘the boss’ Moss, transforming her losing record to a record of successive wins. 


Other female boxers turned champions under Xavier’s auspices include Laura Serrano and Suzy Taylor.    Also to Xavier’s impressive training and co-training credits are Falcon cheerleader turned Professional Boxer Nina Ahlin, world ranked contender Steve Dotse, and Mexican sensation and 5-time champion Jorge Lacierva. In more recent years, Xavier has worked with the undefeated Felix Fernandez, 9-time golden glove champion, 3-time national champion Kitten Carlos Monroe, and Jerry Odom.

The mark of a successful business is its affected clientele. Xavier’s diverse training outreach encompasses the entertainment and sports arenas where he’s had the privilege of working with football sensations Vernon Davis and Derrick Morgan, as well as basketball luminaries Surge Obaka and Shannon Brown. 

Xavier’s work with entertainment industry giants began with his training sessions with world-famous DJ Nabs for charity fights, R L, Stevie J, and soul singer Monica. One of Xavier’s most prized fitness training efforts was his work with superstar recording artist, dancer, and now actor, ‘Usher’, in his role as Sugar Ray Leonard in the film ‘Hands of Stone’, a biographical action film on the life of boxer Roberto “No Mas” Duran. Xavier continues as Usher’s private trainer keeping him in peak condition for concert performances. 

He's currently training WBA Latin America Champion Carlos "Kitten" Monroe, whom he's worked with since he was a child. His work with Monroe and Kevin Hart have been the most sentimental training experiences of his whole career.

Xavier is now operating the soulful and authentic DECATUR BOXING CLUB and serves as Director of Boxing for the fast growing boxing and kickboxing franchise ‘9 Round’, the brainchild of one of Xavier’s former trainees who was inspired by his unique brand and training techniques.

No question Xavier Biggs is making his mark in the world of fitness and training. 

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