Human Weapon Factory Bootcamp



The Human Weapon Factory Boxing Fitness Bootcamp

Kick off your New Year with a fitness boost!

January 6-7, 2018

Lose 5-10 pounds in a training camp-style workout with professional trainers who will make you sweat AND smile.

The Human Weapon Factory Boxing Fitness Bootcamp Package includes:

  • Gloves & Hand Wraps
  • Healthy Meals
  • Three calorie-burning training sessions
  • Tickets to the exclusive Saturday Night “Jazz in the Ring”
  • 2 months of Boxing Fitness Classes, three times a week
  • Free hotel stay for out-of-towners


Bootcamp Schedule:

  • Saturday, January 6th:
    • 11:30am Weigh In & First Training Session
    • 12:30pm Healthy Brunch Served
    • 4:30pm Second Training Session
    • 5:30pm Healthy Snacks Served
    • 8:00pm Jazz in the Ring
  • Sunday, January 7th:
    • 10:00am Human Weapon Factory Fitness Blowout Workout
    • 11:15am Weigh Out & Healthy Brunch Served