Sweet Sucker Punch

The arc of boxing mirrors the arc of life. Sweat and hard work leading to a culmination of personal endeavor. And along the way relationships of friends and family shape our lives and experiences. These intimate moments are captured in the soulfully-written boxing memoir, The Sweet Sucker Punch.

Written by Decatur Boxing Club owner Xavier Biggs, the memoir shares these moments through Biggs’ firsthand experience. The Sweet Sucker Punch tells real behind-the-scenes stories of the greatest fighters in boxing history like Bennie Briscoe, Rocky Lockridge, Tyrell Biggs, and countless others that shaped the sport as we know it today.

“Boxing can be a brutal and unforgiving sport, but I have also seen it become one of the most rewarding and character-building experiences a person can have. I feel very fortunate that during my club fighting years I had rare exposure to the heavily cultured boxing scene in Philadelphia. Then later I had the fortunate opportunity to travel around the world with my brother, Tyrell, to world-class training camps and meet, train, and hangout with some of the cream-of-the-crop of boxing. It’s been an incredible journey that must be shared. There isn’t much I haven’t seen in boxing–the highs and lows, the positive and the negative experiences. So often the negative is all that’s presented to the public. The Sweet Sucker Punch is my way of shining some light on the inspiring, positive experiences I’ve shared in the sport. These are the stories that live in the heart of a fighter forever.” -Xavier Biggs

“This book is real. One of the best boxing books I ever read!” – Don Turner, Legendary Trainer of champions

“A very enlightening and entertaining read. I’m looking forward to more volumes. -Henry “Discombobulating” Jones, World-class Ring Announcer

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