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Operated and owned by Xavier "Bad Pads" Biggs, Decatur Boxing Club brings the Philly flair to Atlanta.  Join us and train in a soulful environment that stimulates your mind, body, and spirit!  We honor the Sweet Science with tried and true boxing techniques that will have you ready to take on life both in and outside of the ring.
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Owner and Head Trainer

Xavier "Bad Pads" Biggs
Coach Garcia Decatur Boxing Club.png

House Trainer

Coach Garcia
Coach Rob Decatur Boxing Club.png

Lead Youth Trainer

Coach Rob 

Growing up in West Philadelphia, Xavier Biggs was enthralled with the rich boxing culture that surrounded him. He turned pro in the late 70’s and by the mid 80’s ...more

Garrett "The Fly" Garcia is Decatur Boxing Club's House Trainer schedule a private session with Garcia or join us at noon to take one of his classes.

Coach Rob leads both the youth and women's classes a decorated amateur boxer herself she'll test your skills in the ring!

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Coach Andrew
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Coach Tate

Andrew has been with Decatur Boxing since 2012.  Join him for class Mon and Wed at 6:00 pm or for sparring classes on Sun at 4:00 pm. 

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In Memoriam

Johnny Gant

We were honored to be the great Johnny Gant's final gym.  His amazing insight, tutelage, and stories of his years in the ring with the greats of his time will forever be memorialized.

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With over 30 years of experience, Coach Tate provides his traditional boxing techniques and training to our amateur and youth programs.


137 New Street Suite C, Decatur GA 30030

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