Xavier Biggs

xavierbiggsXavier Biggs is one of boxing’s top-rated pads man. Biggs is currently the head trainer and owner of the Southeast’s historic and renowned boxing gym, Decatur Boxing Club. He is a Director of Boxing for the fast-growing boxing and kickboxing fitness franchise he helped inspire, 9round. The CEO of 9round.com is a Biggs former boxing student, Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson. While training Grammy Award-winning singer and actor, Usher Raymond, for a starring role in Hands of Stone, Biggs authored the memoir, The Sweet Sucker Punch. These are inspirational, boxing short stories comprised through the experienced eyes of Biggs with an engaging introduction by his brother, Super heavyweight and Olympic gold medalist, Tyrell Biggs.
Biggs grew up in Philadelphia and pursued a career of becoming a professional boxer without a promoter. Biggs trained under boxing notables such as Jimmy Arthur, Quenzell McCall, Georgie Benton and sparred with champs such as Pernell Whitaker, Meldrick Taylor, Rocky Lockridge, Johnny Bumphus, and John David Jackson.
Biggs retired from competitive boxing to step to the other side of the ropes and assist younger brother, Tyrell Biggs, in the successful quest to capture World Heavyweight Championship after being the first Super Heavyweight to win the Olympic Gold Medal. In 1988, Biggs married and moved to Atlanta to begin training amateurs boxers. He is currently training amateurs Felix “The Cat” Fernandez (2-0 and 1 KO) and 7-time Golden Glove champ, Carlos “Kitten” Monroe.
While in Atlanta he partnered with Mike Morrison and opened the largest boxing gym in the country and attracted members such as Denzel Washington, P.Diddy, Sinbad, Cuba Gooding Jr., and MASE. Biggs went on to open and operate four more boxing gyms in Atlanta and North Carolina.
If you are lucky enough to catch up with the Sweet Scientist, you will find him training with the same intensity and encouragement regardless if his client is a celebrity, a kids program student, seasoned professional or a first-time boxer!